Do you need more clients?
Do you want some help with that?
Are you fed up of working on your own?
Would you like a board of expert advisors?

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

You want to grow your business and make an impact. But it’s hard to work on your business all on your own. You set goals. You make plans. Then you get overwhelmed. You know that your future depends on continuous action and momentum toward your goals. But you’re being pulled in a million directions.

I’m here to help.

I’ve coached over 30,000 smart small business owners like you since the first edition of my mega-bestselling book Book Yourself Solid® was released in 2006 - almost ten years ago.

The biggest problem I see, whether you’re just starting out or a few years in, is that you feel overwhelmed. You’re not getting your ideas out in the world and you’re not (yet) reaping the financial rewards that you know you deserve.

No worries.

The Book Yourself Solid Mentoring Program will help you produce actionable plans and real-world results.

  • You’ll plan out what your business should (and will) look like using our proprietary and super-simple 90-day planning process. You might not even know that you need this yet, but you do.
  • Then you’ll use the Book Yourself Solid formulas for attracting the right people using the right marketing for you … and increasing your revenues while gradually decreasing the amount of time you spend “in the office”.
  • You’ll have access to mastermind and accountability calls making sure you stay on the right path and implement the work we do. The calls are with me and with my most senior coaches and are available to you.
  • In addition, you’ll get immediate access to our lively forums which are exclusively for you mentoring members, and you’ll have 24/7 support no matter what you’re going through and no matter what time of the day or night it is.
  • And if you prefer self-study, you can always consult any of the material in the Book Yourself Solid Online Program (which sells separately for $497 but which you get for free.

Join hundreds of other heart-centered entrepreneurs (yes, that’s right, you can be a lover and a successful business person) in an inspired and actively engaged community, from a variety of professional services industries, facing the same challenges as you, as you learn the secrets to success that I’ve been delivering for the past decade.

This mentoring program used to be a $12,000 investment - and worth every cent - but we've recently made some big changes to our business model, which is excellent news for you.

We knew that a lot of business owners who we were meant to serve had a hard time at that price-point. So we thought, "hey, why does it need to be that expensive?" Why not put more people in for FREE and make the networking and referral opportunities - both of which have been crucial to our community - even stronger?

So that's exactly what we've done.


Are you determined to get booked solid?

In order to get more clients than you can handle, you need to attract the right people.
  • You need to attract clients who ENERGIZE you and INSPIRE you if you want to take your business from where it is today to where you NEED it to be.
  • When you do that, you’ll sleep better at night, be fully expressed in the work that you do and walk out in the world with your head held high.
  • You need -- no -- you deserve to work with your best people: the kind of people who make you fall in love with showing up to work. I will show you where to find them.
  • You dream about having MORE clients than you can handle. And I’m the guy who (literally!) wrote the book on how to get them.
The Book Yourself Solid Mentoring Program is for you if you're prepared to follow a proven system, if you're prepared to make commitments and fulfill them, if you're prepared to EARN the right to be booked solid.

(If you think you’re entitled to clients without earning them, then you’re in the wrong place.)

So who is it not for?

  • If you're in a place right now where you can’t seem to take action, and aren’t willing to change this, then this isn't the program for you.
  • If you're not willing to be a little scared and allow me to gently push you outside of your comfort zone, this isn't the place for you.
  • This program is for ACTION-TAKERS. This is no run-of-the-mill “teaching” course. It’s a hands-on, round-the-clock commitment to growing your client-base with me as your expert guide and accountability partner.

As a small business owner you have one primary need - above all others - and that’s to hit the right, sustainable balance between working with enough people to earn the income you deserve and fulfilling those lifestyle dreams of yours.

After all, you went into business for yourself for the freedom to be your own boss and to make a ton of cash while doing the work that you love, right?

But perhaps that freedom is a little elusive at the moment. You’ve either got the free time but don’t have the resources to enjoy it (because you’re not making enough money) or else you’ve got no free time BECAUSE you’re hustling away trying to attract the next customer, but not with the level of success that you expected to have.

That’s where I come in.


You will be part of a program that will not only result in an actionable plan to achieve your goals, but give you the ongoing peer mentoring you need to break through barriers and kick your obstacles in the teeth.

In the Book Yourself Solid Mentoring Program, limitations are tossed aside and big thoughts, dreams and actions are front and center. You will master all the strategies from Book Yourself Solid and get more clients than you can handle.

Plus, you’ll create the systems to make your business work effortlessly, you’ll learn to sell like a savvy (high-integrity) superstar and, most importantly, have the power to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world.


When you become a member today, you will get immediate access to the Book Yourself Solid Mentoring Program and you’ll become a member of our family.

  • You’ll get immediate access to the Book Yourself Solid Online Program (which we sell separately for $497)
  • You’ll become a member of the private Facebook forums where you can get 24/7 help with your issues
  • AND you’ll have access to our proprietary 90-day planning tools to take your business places you never knew it could go, faster than you ever thought it could take you!
So there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t join us today.